Rutgers Triathlon Team competing at the MSU Indoor Triathlon

Chelsie Scarafile


Kaiya Reimer

Treasurer & Fundraising

Emily Cheng
Social Media &
Clothing Manager

Drew Becza
Practice Captain
Race Coordinator

I ran for three years in high school but didn't start triathlon until the summer coming into my sophomore year at Rutgers when my girlfriend and I signed up for our first sprint tri in Sparta NJ. Before that I had never swam or cycled competitively (or recreationally for that matter). I joined the tri team here last semester and have done 3 triathlons in total.

Tyler Hong
Practice Captain
Race Coordinator

Stephen Marciniak
Practice Captain
Race Coordinator

Cody Conroy
Photographer and Webmaster

I have basically always been a water guy. I wanted to join the Navy in high school, and that resulted in me joining the swim team (although I could not swim.) I got pretty good at swimming, and since I like bikes, I figured I might as well add running to get the full trio.

Casey Jones
Social Events